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About Us

The aim of Debt Counselling is to rearrange the consumer’s debts in order to meet their monthly living expenses, to pay each of their creditors as much as they can afford and to settle their debts in a timeous period. Do not be ashamed to take the first step and ask for help with your debt. With the current economy and regular increase of costs of basic needs, people are more and more in debt and in need of help.

Benefits Of Debt Counseling

Tailored payment structure to suit your individual needs.

Pay off your debts in a reasonable and efiicient time frame.

One affordable monthly installment, making your life simpler.

Installments reduced by up to 50%, keeping your costs down.

Reduced interest rates by consent of creditor.

Have sufficient funds for living expenses.

Credit Providers must communicate with your Debt Counselor, not you.

You will be Legally protected against your creditors.

Legally clear your "blacklisting" by getting a clearance certificate.

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