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About Us

Oosterland Child and Youth Care Centre is in existence since 1980. Situated in Despatch, Eastern Cape, we accommodate 106 children placed in our care by the Children’s Court. The main target group is all children in need of care, including the destitute, orphaned, abused, and neglected. Oosterland is serving the children irrespective of race, culture, gender, linguistic or religious heritage. The Oosterland Trust forms part of our sustainability and income generating initiatives.

What We Do:

Table laid out with a variety of foods
Quality Catering

Tea with the ladies? Bring these perfect snacks.

Assorted savoury platter

Perfect for all events, our platters are sure to please.

3 different types of tarts

A wide variety of tarts and tartlets to suit all tastes.

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Cakes & Cupcakes

Personalized, big or small, we do it all.

Table with lunch packs displayed
Lunch Packs

Fresh lunch packs made daily, take your pick!

Banquet hall fully decorated
Decor Hiring

No matter the occassion, we've got you covered.

We do catering for any function big or small, whatever your needs just give us a call!

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  • catering@oosterland.org.za
  • Tel: 041 933 1120
  • Whatsapp: 063 584 7426
  • www.oosterland.org.za
  • 26 Berg Street, Despatch
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